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Rights to Information Act
Name of Offices

Zilla Parishad

RTO, Latur

Town Planning & Valuation Latur, Branch Latur

Treasury Officer Latur

Public Information Officer and First Appellant Officer's List

Brief information of Right To Information Act

Office Of the Collectorate
Sr No Name of Branch Information Officer First Appellant Officer
1 Establishment BranchNew

Mr..-----------------A.K. Est -1

Mr.-------------- A.K. Est-2

Tahsildar (Revenue)
2 Revenue Branch

Mr.-------------- A.K. Revenue-1

Mr.-------------------A.K. Revenue-2

Mr. Ratnakar Mahamuni A. K. Revenue-3

3 Deputy Chitnis Branch Mr.Ravindra Gaikwad -Deputy Chitnis
4 ROR/INWORD-OUTWORD Branch Mr.A.R.Utge Naib Tahasildar
5 Census Branch Mr.Ratnakar Mahamuni AK
6 Land Reform Branch Mr.A.N.Mhindrakar A.K
7 Record Room Mr.Parit A.K. Tahsildar (General)
8 Account BranchNew

Mr. ---------------A.K.Account-1

Mr.R.N. Shinde A.K. Account-2

9 Orgnisation & Method Branch Mr.V.N. Deshmukh A.K.
10 Disaster Management Branch Mr.Ganesh Sarode A.K.
11 Rajshistachar/Miscllence Mr.Ganesh Sarode A.K.
12 Right To Information Mr.Vilas Deshmukh A.K.
13 IAW Mr.S.K. Hangarge
14 Mining BranchNew Mr.L.R.Surywanshi A.K. District Mining Officer
15 Supply BranchNew

Mr.S.G.Joshi A.K.





Asst. District Supply Officer
16 EGS BranchNew



Deputy Collector (EGS)
17 Resettlement BranchNew



Deputy Collector (Resettlement)
18 Sangayo BranchNew Mrs. J. P. Hambire Tahsildar (Revenue)
19 General Election Branch Mr.K.D.Deshmukh.A.K. Naib Tahsildar Election
20 Grampanchayat/ Co-operative Election Mr.A.G.Naik.A.K.  
21 Municipal Council Administration Mr.S.E.Deshpande.A.K. District Project Officer (M.C.A.)
22 Swarna Jayanti Rojgar Yojana Mr.Kalyan.Murkute.A.K.  
23 Land Aquisation-MIW Project Mr.S.M.Kulkarni Deputy Collector (LAO)
24 Land Aquisation-PTIT Mr.--------------------.A.K. Deputy Collector (PTIT)
25 Land Aquisation Swarna Project Mr.------------------A.K. Deputy Collector (Swarna Project)
26 Land Aquisation Purna Project Mr.N.R.Malluwar.A.K. Deputy Collector (Purna Project)
27 Land Aquisation Co-ordinationNew Mr.Subhash.Kande.A.K. Deputy Collector Co-ordination
28 Civil Suit Mr.V.D.Dhaygude.A.K.  
29 E-govNew Mrs. S.R.Tandale.A.K.  
31 Planning Branch






Asst. District Planning Officer
Sub Divisional Level

Sub Divisional Officer,Latur

Mr.Bansode A.K-1


2 Sub Divisional Officer,Udgir



Mrs.S.V.Kamble A.K-3

3 Sub Divisional Officer,Nilanga

Mr.P.M.Wadikar A.K-1

Mr.R.G.Ghodake A.K-2

Mrs.C.H.Lobhe A.K.-3

3 Sub Divisional Officer,Ausa-RenapurNew




Tahsil office Level
1 Tahsil Office, Latur

Mr. Sanjay Warkad Tahsildar (For EGS Working)

Mr. Katpure S.D. Naib Tahsildar Election

Mrs. S.S.Ausekar Naib Tahsildar SGY Urban

Mr. Kamble Atul Naib Tahsildar SGY Rural

Mr.Palepad  S.M. Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.Mulje D.B. Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Mr.Tipparse S.S. Naib Tahsildar Supply

Mr.Peddewad  Naib Tahsildar Godown

Sub Divisional Officer,Latur

Tahsildar, Latur

2 Tahsil Office, Ausa

Mr. Dewale S K Naib Tahsildar Revenue

Mr. Pathak K G Naib Tahsildar SGY

Mr. Sayyad A M Naib Tahsiladr Supply

Mr. Parsewar R A Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr.Kamble Lala Naib Tahsildar EGS

Tahsildar, Ausa

3 Tahsil Office, Nilanga

Mr. Krushnakant Chikurte Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr. S. U. Tandale Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr. V. L. Jadhav Naib Tahsildar SGY

Mr. S. B. Kadam Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.--------- Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Mr. J. J. Kulkarni Naib Tahsildar Supply

Sub Divisional Officer,Nilanga

Tahsildar, Nilanga

4 Tahsil Office, Ahmadpur

Mr.Shivkumar Swami Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr.D.N.Shinde Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr.N.D.Kadharkar Naib Tahsildar SGY

Mr.D.N.Gaikwad Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.M.B. Kadam Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Mr.--------- Naib Tahsildar Supply

Sub Divisional Officer,Udgir

Tahsildar, Ahmadpur

5 Tahsil Office, Udgir

Mrs.Shivnanda Langdapure Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr.M.G.Kulkarni Naib Tahsildar Election

Mrs.Chitra Lobhe Naib Tahsildar SGY

Mr.--------- Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.K.P.Raichurkar Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Mr.--------- Naib Tahsildar Supply

Sub Divisional Officer,Udgir

Tahsildar, Udgir

6 Tahsil Office, Chakur

Mr.Prashant Padghan Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr.A.V.Saidani Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr.J.S.Niranjan Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.--------- Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Sub Divisional Officer,Udgir

Tahsildar, Chakur

7 Tahsil Office, Renapur

Mr.M.M.Ananda Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr.S.L.Damte Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr.S.M.Deshmukh Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.--------- Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Sub Divisional Officer,Latur

Tahsildar, Renapur

8 Tahsil Office, Deoni

Mr.Chaudari Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr.- Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr.M.A.Shaikh Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.P.D.Patil Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Sub Divisional Officer,Udgir

Tahsildar, Deoni

9 Tahsil Office, Jalkot

Mr.---------Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr.- Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr.K.S.Kamble Naib Tahsiladr Rev-1

Mr.U.M.Biradar Naib Tahsildar Rev-2

Sub Divisional Officer,Udgir

Tahsildar, jalkot

10 Tahsil Office, Shirur AnantpalNew

Mr.---------Tahsildar for EGS working

Mr.R.M.Kamble Naib Tahsildar Election

Mr.Ashiskumar Birajdar Naib Tahsildar Rev-1

Mr.W.T.Bhande Naib Tahsiladr Rev-2

Sub Divisional Officer,Nilanga

Tahsildar, Shirur Anantpal

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