Latur is a district in Maharashtra state of India. It is the 16th largest city in Maharashtra with district headquarter located in the city. The district comes under Marathwada region of Maharashtra, geographically located between 17°52′ North to 18°50′ North and 76°18′ East to 79°12′ East in the Deccan plateau. It has an average elevation of 631 metres (2,070 ft) above mean sea level. The entire district is on the Balaghat plateau, 540 to 638 metres from the mean sea level.The major population of district is primarily agricultural. Urban population comprises 25.47% of the total population. Latur District is bound by Nanded District to the northeast; the state border with Karnataka to the east and southeast; Osmanabad District to the south-west; Beed District to the west; and Parbhani District to the northwest.…More

Hon.Varsha Thakur-Ghuge I.A.S Collector & District Magistrate, Latur