Land Reform Department

Land provides basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter to human being. Land has always been an important locus for the economic activity necessary for human life. Any developmental activity is nearly impossible to conceive without taking land into consideration. The ability of land to provide space for production is limited by its physical and location properties. Unlike goods, which can be moved around to where they are needed, land is immovable and cannot be physically passed by hand.

In the Maharashtra Land Revenue Administration is governed by Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 and development control is regulated under Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act, 1966. Besides above laws provisions of some other laws are also applicable in land transactions. Considering above we can conclude that land is complicated, tedious and vast subject. We, therefore, are going step by step to understand the subject.

Latur District Land Reform Information: – Devasthan and Inam, Waqf and Adiwasi land