Latur District Profile

Historical Background Of Latur

Latur district has an ancient historical background. The King ‘Amoghvarsha’ of Rashtrakutas developed the Latur city, originally the native place of the Rashtrakutas. The Rashtrakutas who succeeded the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 A.D called themselves the residents of Lattalut.

  • Geographical Position And Physical Features

The Latur District is in the south-eastern part of the Maharashtra state. Latur town is situated on the 18.7° latitude and 73.25° longitude. The district is situated on the Maharashtra  Karnataka boundary. On the eastern side of the Latur is Bidar district of Karnataka, whereas Nanded is on the northeast, Parbhani on the northern side, Beed on the Northwest and Osmanabad on the western and southern side. The entire district of Latur is situated on the Balaghat plateau, 540 to 638 meters from the mean sea level.

  • Rivers And Tributaries

Manjara is the main river which flows on the Balaghat plateau along with its tributaries: Terna, Tawarja and Gharni. The other three tributaries of Manjara are Manyad, Teru and  Lendi which flow on the northern plains.

  • Manjara : This is the main river. Its origin is near the Gaukhadi Village of Beed district. The river flows from the nothern boundaries of the Osmanabad district and cutting across
    the Latur district goes to Karnataka State
  • Gharni : The river has its origin near Wadval and flows through Chakur taluka.
  • Terna : This is the main tributary of Manjara which flows on the southern boundary of the Ausa taluka .
  • Tawarja : Tawarja originates near Murud in Latur taluka and joins the Manjara river at Shivani on the Latur-Ausa boundary
  • Lendi : The river has its origin in Udgir taluka and flowing through the Ahmadpur taluka joins the Tiru river in Nanded district .
  • Manyad : This river takes its origin at Dharmapuri in Beed district and flows through the Ahmadpur taluka into Nanded district.

Administrative Division Of Latur

The area of Latur district is 7157sq.kms. The district is divided into five sub-divisions and 10 Talukas. The number of village in Latur district according to the 2011 census, is 948

Sr.No Sub Divisions Talukas
1 Latur Latur
2 Ausa Renapur Ausa, Ranapur
3 Nilanga Nilanga,ShirurAnantpal,Deoni
4 Udgir Udgir,Jalkot
5 Ahmedpur Ahmedpur,Chakur