Election Department

Departmental works

The functions of the Election Department are governed by the following Acts / Rules / Government Decisions / Circulars-

  1. Manual of Election Law
  2. The Registration of Election Roll- 1960
  3. The Conduct of Election Rules- 1961 (Statuary & Order)
  4. Hand Book for Electoral Registration Officer
  5. Compendium of instruction on the conduct of Election
  6. Hand Book of Returning Officer
  7. Governance of General Administration of Government of Maharashtra 1279 / (233) -xxxiii dated 6/9/1979

Details of the work done under the branch/department.

Elections for Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Legislative Council, Amravati Teachers’ Constituency, Graduate Constituency, and District Planning Committee.Works from India Election Commission, preparation of voters list, giving voter identity card etc.

Loksabha Election 2019 candidates expenditure Dt. 03.04.2019

Loksabha Election 2019 Candidate Expenditure Dt. 09.04.2019

Loksabha Election 2019 candidates expenditure Dt. 17.04.2019-1

Loksabha Election 2019 candidates expenditure Dt. 17.04.2019-2

Voter list

Affidavits of candidates

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