Administrative History

Latur district is an administrative district in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra state of India. Latur district was formed by dividing Osmanabad district on 15th August 1982. District headquarter is located in Latur city. The district has an area of ​​7157 sq. Km and its population is 2,454,196. Latur city is the district headquarters and is the 16th largest city in the state of Maharashtra. 17 ° 52 ‘North to 18 ° 50’ North and 76 ° 18 ‘East Deccan Plateau 79 ° 12’ is an average elevation of 631 meters above sea level (2,070 feet) above sea level. Latur district is situated on the Balaghat plateau, from 540 to 638 meters above sea level. District is mainly agriculture. Urban population is 25.47% of the total population. Latur district is bound to northeast of Nanded district; Eastern and southeast is the border of the state of Karnataka; Southwest Osmanabad district; Beed district on the west; Parbhani district is on the north – west.