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Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit Latur is during its pleasant winter season. The months from November to February are cool and perfect for sightseeing in Latur. The summer season, from March to June is incredibly hot and dry. This is perhaps the worst time to visit Latur as the heat can reach a scorching 41 degree Celsius. The monsoon season in Latur, which begins in July and goes on until October, is generally cooler than the summer, but the rains often ruin sightseeing plans.

Vrindavan Park of Chakur
Vrundavan Park Chakur

Chakur is situated on the state highway of Latur-Nanded which is around 35 km from Latur city. This place is…

Bhuikot Fort Udgir
Udgir Fort

Udgir fort in the udgir city in latur district ,maharashtra of india age of fort built in prebahamani age ,dating…

Historical Fort of Ausa
Ausa Fort

The fort featured prominently in the conflicts between the Deccan Sultanates in the post Bahamani period. In later days it…

Kharosa Caves of Latur DIstrict
Kharosa Caves

The kharosa caves located close to a village with the same name kharosa in the latur district of Maharashtra and…

Hattibet Deverjan Tekadi Udgir
Udgir Hattibet-Deverjan

In the Udgir taluka of Latur district, the Mauje Elephant Island is situated 16 km on the west side of…