Kharosa Caves

The kharosa caves located close to a village with the same name kharosa in the latur district of Maharashtra and only at a distance of 45km from the latur city.the renowned among tourist and
history enthusiasts for the caves, as the built around 6th century during the Gupta period, and a well known for the sculptures of shiv Parvati,ravna, Narasimha and Kartikeya.
kharosa caves have a total number of 12 caves and the first cave is a Buddhist cave with the painted statue of lord buddha in sitting positions. other caves content shivling and one of them
has the sculpture of lord Dutta the sculpture of yaksha just outside one of kharosa caves is a popular attraction among tourist and history travelers.
the second caves have a shivlinf and are visited by a lot of people for blessings while there is the Renuka Devi temple on the other side of the hill which is also visited by tourist and
local peoples.
the fourth and fifth cave has two floors and the ground floor is constructed just below ground level from the were middle floor can be accessed.
the upper hall of kharosa caves that can be reached through a narrow staircase has a number of Vishnu and shivparvati idol and you will be simply fascinated with the unique charm of history and
at kharosa caves there is a source of water on the top side of the hill known as seat bathroom and is also a popular destination for tourist.i can visite almost although out the year, but it is
during the winter months when the weather is most convenient for a visit.
as I can be easily reached by car tourist and fill grime from all over the country visit my caves throughout the year including mansoon.

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